WWK Work In Progress//Test Renders

I've been hard at work prepping our upcoming skull tutorial series. It's been a blast playing around with different composite techniques. It's amazing how many different looks you can get out of the same renders.

The skull model is a highly modified model from Turbosquid that was a free download. The teeth are also free downloads from Turbosquid. Unfortunately it looks like the teeth model's creator has since removed them from the site. I modeled the camera lens eyes, connectors, and wires. The hatchets were modeled from a photo in a seperate file & later merged into the master scene. I textured everything in Cinema 4D using both procedural shaders and custom bitmaps.

The camera moves were done in Cinema 4D with the soon to be released WWK Camera Rig. This camera rig allows you to quickly set up camera moves that mimic real world behavior of dolly, crane, tripod, and studio camera setups. It's a serious time saver and makes your camera moves look much more real. Plus when it drops it will be a FREE download.

The multipass render from Cinema was then sent over to AfterEffects for compositing, relighting, color grading, and effects.

I'll be breaking down the entire process as part of the full tutorial series.

More to come…

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