WWK NEWS - 09-10-12

There were two big news items that passed though our email inbox this past week that we wanted to share with everyone.

Adobe Teases us with Adobe Anywhere

Adobe Anywhere is guaranteed to be a major game changer for video produciton companies of every size. The service is claiming to allow location independent collaborative editing in Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Prelude. There are a ton of enticing features that they cover on the Adobe microsite. Check it out, you'll be impressed. In the meantime, here is an overview video from AdobeTV.

Adobe is being coy about the release date and pricing for now. Based on their previous behavior patterns we're willing to bet this will be a CS 6.5 product. We are also betting that it will be included in CreativeCloud memberships.

Jupiter Jazz Releases AtomKraft for Adobe After Effects v1.0

Directly from the AtomKraft press release.

"AtomKraft/Ae brings to the markets of motion graphics and broadcast VFX a comprehensive and interactive 3D toolkit for look development, matte paint-ing, camera projection mapping, lighting and rendering tightly integrated in the leading motion graphics application Adobe After Effects."

AtomKraft embeds the 3Delight rendering engine into After Effects all while interpereting the native 3D system and accessing 2D layers. It has a crazy feature list that includes drag & drop OBJ import, sub pixel displacement, HDRI Lighting, Ambient Occlusion, Ray-Traced reflections & shadows, particles, and a ton more. Go to the AtomKraft/AE site for more info. We promise you will be blown away. With introductory pricing of $99 this is a hard deal to beat.

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