Blackmagic Design Introduces New Affordable Camera

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera looks to be fantastic. It boasts a Super 16 sensor,  active micro four thirds lens mount that can be adapted for Super 16 lenses, 3.5 inch display, HDMI out,  standard mini jack microphone input, mini jack output, LANC control input , and power/charging through the same cord. It records 1080HD in DNG RAW or ProRes 422 formats to SD cards. In DNG it shoots a ultra wide dynamic range of 13 stops. Take a look at the specs for yourself. All for an amazing price of $995.

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera

There have already been complaints that it lacks a VU meter for audio levels. My prediction is that the majority of Pocket Cinema Cameras are going to end up in the hands of current DSLR owners who already record audio externally and will use the on camera audio for sync. I'm sure Blackmagic will address this omission with a software update. People will gripe about the MFT lens mount keeping them from using their current Canon/Nikon lenses. This will be pointless because there will be loads of lens adapters available from third party vendors moments after the camera hits the market. Don't forget Blackmagic themselves have already promised a Super 16 lens mount adapter for people with deep pockets and lens fetishes.

I'm excited to see a product like this on the market. Here at WWK we are constantly having to battle with the limitations inherent in current DSLR's compressed video formats. If the promise of high latitude 1080 HD footage is a reality I expect to see this camera dominate the market previously controlled by DSLRs. Blackmagic Design just fired a major shot at Nikon and Canon's money makers, it will be interesting to see how the big two respond.

Now if Blackmagic would just send us a camera to test…

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